Who We Are

With over 30 years in combined experience in group air travel, we knew the sector needed innovation.

It's 2021 and the world has gone fully digital. Yet, if you are a travel agent and have a student group of 35 passengers who want to fly to London, you have to call the airlines for a quote. The fact that group sales accounts for 130 billion dollars in commerce but yet still happens offline is mind numbing.

With over 30 years of combined group travel experience, we grew tired of waiting for innovation.

Our team is a collection of travel professionals, developers, and entrepreneurs who grew sick of the status quo. So much of group airfare happens offline. From shopping, to payment, to ticketing -- even managing the group contracts is happening offline. Travel agencies and airlines are relying on email and binders to keep track of billions of dollars worth of airfare.

Airlines are forced to field millions of hours of phone calls, requesting pricing. Airlines leave millions of dollars of profit on the table. Because of the absence of a digital ecosystem, airlines lack an at-scale means to sell additional products and services to group customers.

Our team saw a broken system, and we are attempting to fix it by providing you the same great experience you've grown accustomed to on your favorite OTA (Expedia, Google Flights, etc.). Both airlines and group customers should be able to quickly and seamlessly transact.

Deepening Our Relationships & Footprint

Plug & Play Accelerator

Located in Silicon Valley, the Plug and Play Accelerator allowed Bacarai to refine the product vision while connecting with airlines, TMCs, and industry leaders from around the globe. With the support of Plug and Play, the Bacarai team also pitched at the IATA Think Tank in Silicon Valley and Germany.

SAP Concur Accelerator

At the beginning of the pandemic, Bacarai was accepted into the SAP Concur Accelerator. Group airfare is larger than just student and scholastic travel, and getting exposed to SAP's vast ecosystem was important in shaping the product and value proposition.

Singapore Airlines Accelerator

Also launched at the beginning of the pandemic, the Singapore Airlines Accelerator allowed Bacarai to work closely with the innovation and business unit teams to further understand airline technology and the plethora of services that an airline uses to administer their group programs.

Phocuswright Battleground at Google

Changing an industry takes a village, so the team at Bacarai found it important to connect with various stakeholders. From investors, to media, to pitch competitions like Phocuswright, engaging the community is an important part of our DNA.

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