Our Plan is to Create the World's First Group Airfare Marketplace

Prior to Covid-19, over 130 billion dollars worth of group airfare was bought and sold offline. We are setting out to change an industry that desperately needs innovation.

Why Now?

Prior to Covid-19, Group Airfare's Digitalization was Beginning

While there is no Expedia for group airfare, a handful of large airlines were undergoing the process of creating a digital portal for travel agents to request group quotes.

Digitalization has begun. But our stance is the evolution will mirror all other industries, and end in a niche-specific marketplace.

This tracks for group airfare, because it is such a unique product. Group customers hold space with no money down, owing a per passenger deposit within 14 days of signing the contract.

Group airfare has multiple touchpoints between the airline and customer, and thus needs a custom solution.

Our Expereicne

We've Spent the Last 5 Years Bootstrapping a Group Airfare Travel Agency.

Total Sales

In 2019, our TMC booked over 19 million dollars worth of group airfare. Largely ran as a service business, it's here where Bacarai was born.

Annual Revenue

In 2019, our travel management company had booked $1.9m in revenue across group and incentive air travel bookings.

Number of Accounts

Serving mainly tour operators, travel agencies, and corporate travel planners, our TMC has over 100 accounts, with the top 10 accounting for 73% of revenue.

The Long Term Vision

Our goal is to work within the industry to create a next generation group air marketplace.

Customers and airlines both stand to benefit from interacting digitally. Unlike our competitors who sells airlines a white labeled, siloed product, we are looking to future proof our product.